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About Your Coach

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Meet Gopinaath Ragavan

Hi, My name is Gopinaath Ragavan. I’m the Founder of Blue Chip Coach.


By finding your leadership style, unpacking your leadership strategy together and helping you create a great culture within your organisation/team,

I help people like you find their dream leadership style, become the most memorable leader that attracts extraordinary teams and help you understand yourself better to show up as the best leader you can be.

Whether you’re looking to step into a people leadership role, become a better leader, become better at developing a great culture within your team or organisation, I’m here to help you become the most memorable blue-chip leader that everyone wants to help.

I trust that this is the beginning of us getting to know each other and working together on your journey to becoming your most memorable version of the world-class leader. I look forward to seeing how that journey unfolds and am inviting you to imagine that you are that person today. If you like what you are seeing, click the link below for a free leadership profile unpack session.

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